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Our focus has developed to provide bespoke Living Assistance Services to an ever growing ageing population as well as disabled individuals - helping, assisting & supporting them according to their individual requirements so as to enhance their day to day lives & ensure they continue living in their own homes as independently & safely as possible for as long as possible, hopefully creating many happy & enjoyable memories along the way too.

Assisted Living

We recognise that there is a growing concern nationwide for people living in isolation with many families living far away from loved ones. It can be difficult to help an elderly parent or a family member living on thier own.

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We offer a complete maintenance service to suit your needs. Our friendly, reliable and motivated customer focused approach ensures you receive the gold standard to provide a beautiful created and finished garden.

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Maintaining your home can be a struggle, you might not have all the tools on your to-do list. This is where we can help with our reliable team of professionals. Providing home repair, installation and maintenance services.

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Join Us

Looking to join the team and help support your local community? Would you like to know more about our franchise opportunity and help grow our community? Let's talk.

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Answering the important questions

Cost of Services?

It's important to work out how you will fund any Assisted Living support or maintenance packages.

Why Choose Us?

Our philosophy is customer centric service, we offer the highest standards without compromise.

Who Delivers the Service?

Locally We Do... was set up & is run by Damian Doras & Helena Diarno based in Derby.


Latest Updates

Locally We Do... offer guides to provide you with helpful insight and guidence, whether you are looking for help for an ageing parent or for yourself.

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