Distribution and utilisation of timed packages:

The work the supplier or their personnel will perform in the allotted time is based on the conditions and size of the requirement. This will be detailed in Annex SPEC_1 below.


Please note our services are time based.  We will work on a specific task in the service area up to the time you have purchased.  If further work is required to finish a task further time will need to be purchased. Any time spent toward the completion of the task is deductible –i.e. shopping trips, waste disposal trips, etc.

Job bookings are secured/confirmed upon receipt of agreed deposit, including materials’ costs. The balance MUST be paid as agreed or is due on completion/invoice.

No quote will be valid for more that 28 days unless specified on front page.

Prices will change to account for inflation and other rises as deemed by Locally We Do... Packages MUST be used within 3 months or will be forfeited.

**Please note all prices shown or quoted in this document are inclusive of VAT where applicable


Service Delivery

Terms of the agreement:

In this agreement, Locally We Do –LWD –herein, the supplier engages with you, herein, the client, to perform the agreed task exclusively under the terms set herein –these terms are also available on our website


Essentials to note:

The cost of cleaning, gardening, handyman and/or other materials are extra and will be quoted separately.

Customer provided materials will not be used without prior agreement as these can impact the warranty through their quality. Chemicals provided must be approved before being used

The supplier will attend and start work at the times agreed and on, or between the dates agreed but at mutual convenience. The client must communicate rearrangements and short-notice rescheduling as soon as these become known. Jobs started will be charged. In this case, jobs start from when supplier personnel are en-route, as defined in travel times below.

Operatives have specific health and safety training and specific role limitations set through policy. Clients must NOT and should NOT give direct and specific job execution instructions, supply tools, keys or draw job plans/method statements to supplier operatives. Client should specify the job required and allow the operative(s) to execute the task as to the best of their knowledge and abilities. Only LWD retains the right to control its operatives. All warranty will be void and client will be in breach of contract if this condition is disregarded, not met or is breached intentionally or recklessly.



The work will be performed to reasonable standards

The client must not intervene during execution of the job with instructions and/or changes of any nature or supply any tools and/or equipment. Any such intervention will void any warranty and the above standard will not be applicable. The client can, at any time stop the execution of the job. The client must and should stop the execution of the job at the moment they realise something is wrong. This includes suspicion that the end-product will be compromised or health and safety breached.


Materials supplied will be UK or EU quality standard, sourced from local or national traders and are warranted as such. These will be sourced with input from client. No warranty given implies free labour to remove or exchange a faulty product, unless the fault is caused by LWD (operatives).

The supplier recommends any materials, tools and/or equipment used be of UK/EU standard, marked accordingly, where possible bearing the CE or BS equivalent marks. Where alternative equipment that bears said marks is available, this will be preferred. Supplier’s recommendations are always limited to context and not instructions or mandatory in any way. Clients or others assume full responsibility for acting on recommendations.



Any work completed by the supplier is guaranteed only to the standard specified herein and until any activity is undertaken that affects the work in any way. In any case no warranty shall extend over more than 6 months from the date of job execution.

Electrical or other items installed will be covered by manufacturer’s warranty and will benefit of a maximum of 2 hours free labour towards changing whilst under warranty.

Gardening and cleaning jobs are warranted on shorter duration depending on the specifics of the job. Clarification should be obtained from the supplier as to the warranty for each job.

Any warranty or damage caused during any phase of the LWD work will be covered up to the value paid for the job. LWD holds adequate Public and Employer’s Liability to a minimum value of £1million.

Non-payment of FULL charge will invalidate ANY warranty. ALL jobs MUST be paid as requested/agreed, i.e. in advance. In any case jobs must be paid in FULL for any warranty to be activated.

No pay means no guarantee and no reparations!



The supplier will always intend to execute jobs above the standards set herein, but we are aware that, at times, issues may arise that can engage our warranty. In these cases, the client agrees to start by raising a complaint (verbally or in writing). The client agrees to allow the supplier 48 hours to establish contact and engage in mediation BEFORE rectifying the issue by any other means. The supplier will make an initial remedial offer within a maximum of 72 hours.

The client will forfeit any warranty on any work done and/or relating to any claim or complaint where another supplier has been asked to, or performed any work BEFORE the supplier’s initial remedial offer.

Irrespective of claim, the client agrees that reparations will be limited to the value of the individual job.



On the eventuality that clients require a specific standard of work, guarantee, type of delivery or prefer to have a higher input in the execution of the job, the supplier can facilitate a specific agreement to suit. This agreement shall refer to the level of service and will be separate and different to the terms and conditions herein with the exception of the length of warranty. The supplier can be contacted for more details.



Is performed by skilled electrical contractors of the supplier’s designation to a reasonable standard or to same standard as similarly skilled tradespeople.

All electrical work must be quoted separately and pre-approved.

The client will not have any involvement to any level in the execution of electrical repairs and/or work. The only control the client retains is to the extent of stopping the work.

The supplier provides Electrical Installation Inspection and Testing as separate services at separate cost. Any electrical work done is tested by default. If the client decides to refuse the Inspection and Testing, then the warranty is void.

Warranty for electrical work is resumed STRICTLY to the circuits or work done and, in any case the maximum warranty period is of 6 months.

The supplier does not guarantee any equipment sourced by the client.

Any warranty or damage caused during any phase of the electrical work will be covered up to the value paid for the job. All LWD approved contractors hold adequate Public and Employer’s Liability.



The client has the obligation to notify the supplier of any hazards, risks and/or dangers on the property and/or in its vicinity and that can affect the supplier of their personnel at any time. This can be before, during or after work, during access or egress or during brakes.

The client must turn off and isolate any and all sources of energy that can present danger, risk or hazard to supplier or their personnel and notify the supplier of these.

The client must ensure that themselves and/or any members of their household, friends, visitors and/or family as well as pets, keep reasonable distance from the work in progress and equipment. Access and egress must always be kept adequately clear.

The client must also notify the supplier of any dangers, hazards or risks the work activity may introduce due to specific conditions (i.e. electrical wires in the work area, holes, trenches, pits, chemicals, etc).

The client must agree that the supplier or their personnel can use all necessary equipment and number of staff, as the job requires. In any case, interruption of the job during performance is unacceptable unless in case of emergency.

The supplier must be allowed to inspect any location where work is to be carried out, the access and egress.

The supplier or their personnel will stop work and charge for their time if hazards, risks or dangers appear that have not been notified.

Any damage to equipment or accidents caused due to or where the client has retained information unreasonably, shall be the liability of the client.



The execution of any job, work or contractual obligation is considered to start from when the supplier and/or their personnel have left the supplier’s base or last job, and finish when the supplier and/or any personnel have returned to the supplier’s base or leave for the next job.



Cancellations are allowed up to 48 hours prior to job execution. Any period of cancellation less than 48 hours will result in deduction of 1 hour from the time package or a charge of 1 hour or travel time, whichever greater. In some cases, LWD reserves the right to allow cancellations at short notice. Any cancellations will include charges for travel times as defined above.